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Worldwide Builders of Exotic Aquariums and One of Kind Water Feature Creations. Boasting the only State of the Art Acrylic Manufacturing and Cabinetry Shop in the Southwest.

Ocean Gallery USA specializes in the design and fabrication of custom water feature creations. We have pioneered the development of custom water feature systems to service the architectural products industry. We build our all of our custom water feature creations at our state of the fabrication acrylic and cabinetry facility in El Paso Texas.

Ocean Gallery USA is the most trusted name in custom made architectural water feature design, creations and fabrication. Since our inception in 1996 we have been dedicated to providing quality custom made water feature products and services.


At Ocean gallery USA, we create high quality inserts for fresh water and salt water environments. Our custom coral reef insert designs are unique, elegant, and safe for your aquatic life. All our products are custom made to fit your aquariums and are professionally installed by our expert staff. All of our inserts are also UV-coated so the colors will never fade. Chipping is also not a problem since our materials are thoroughly dyed during the manufacturing process. Aquarium maintenance is also taken in consideration with our unique designs. Our products are molded in one piece and custom installed by our professionals to fit in your tank. We take pride in all of our custom work. We view our products as one of a kind pieces of art. No other company in the United States can come close to matching the quality that we strive for.


Our Bubble Walls are mesmerizingly gorgeous and have become one of our most popular requested design styles when it comes to indoor architectural water features. Air bubbles are released through a column of water creating a captivating effect as they rise to the top. Color changing LED lights, which are a standard feature by us, illuminate the bubbles as they move through the panel in a hypnotic memorizing manner. Ocean Gallery USA has developed many cutting edge and proprietary effects for our bubble walls. These include variable air release mechanisms, custom control programs that sequence the bubbles and lights together, and automated fill and filter systems that reduce maintenance. There are many design aspects such as equipment location and panel size limitations to consider when designing your Bubble Wall. Be sure to speak to one of our talented and informative representative to guide you on amy and all aspects of your bubble wall needs, we are here to serve you!


Ocean Gallery USA can design and fabricate any water wall for any custom project. Our designers’ inspiration and skills are moderated by over 25 years of collective experience that produce innovative solutions that are not only unique and beautiful, but also functional and reliable. Water walls are perfect for courtyards, lobbies or any large open space, and are cost-effective and space-saving, too. The benefit of a water wall is that they offer a quieter sound of water, as the water simply trickles down the face and doesn’t drop and splash, which can be quite noisy. Ocean Gallery USA can provide multiple design options to match the style of any project, ranging from a variety of program elements. View our different areas of our expertise, remember. we are here to serve you!


Ocean Gallery USA has been building custom cabinetry from the start with our state of the art cabinetry shop and facility, and will supply a quality set that is guaranteed to work perfectly with your new tank. From a basic set to the finest furniture, we can put together a set that will work seamlessly with your new custom aquarium or bubble wall and match your existing style or décor. You will not have to worry about coordinating details with a separate. Getting your cabinetry from the same manufacturer as your tank or water feature reduces the chance of things not working correctly ounce paired. Remember, We are always here to serve you.

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My amazing journey started over 25 years ago while I was a Radiologist tech at a local hospital. A few years before that, my best friend and I got interested in the aquarium hobby, so he purchased a small tank, and of course, as friendly competition would have it, I had to purchase a bigger one. Before I knew it I had 4 aquariums in my apartment, both fresh and saltwater. I figured since I enjoyed servicing my personal aquariums, that there might be a market for that (service), so I placed an ad in the local newspaper offering my services, and soon thereafter I acquired over 20 clients in a very short time.

I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice if I could design a custom pedestal and a canopy for a prefab aquarium, making it a totally custom tank, then I could lease them to doctors, lawyers and hospital’s offices and I can make residual income because I would also be servicing them in a totally turn-key fashion.

Five years into my new endeavor of aquarium leasing, I wanted to learn how to actually build aquariums and I found the help and friendship of Wade King from ATM in Las Vegas , the star of Animal Planets hit TV show Tanked.
Wade personally taught us how to build custom acrylic aquariums and all the dynamics and particulars that were involved in the art of acrylic fabrication. Since then until present, we have remained El Paso’s, the entire southwest, along with all of Mexico’s exclusive custom aquarium, coral insert and architectural water feature fabricator and provider. For over 20 years we also continue to remained El Paso’s, Juarez Mexico and Las Cruces New Mexico’s exclusive aquarium leasing and maintenance provider.

We are honored to have been, and continue to be, the recipients of numerous local, national and International awards and write ups regarding and praising our craft.
The Lord has blessed us beyond words, and in turn, we continue to always pay it forward by doing the spectacular every day for you!
Our standard is and always will be Perfection.

Miguel Angel Mercado.

  • Martin Chavez
    Martin Chavez Coral Creator / Ocean Gallery USA
  • Raul Mendoza
    Raul Mendoza Videographer / Ocean Gallery USA
  • Sandra Mercado
    Sandra Mercado Office Manager / Ocean Gallery USA
  • James Ivan Diaz
    James Ivan Diaz Graphic Designer / Ocean Gallery USA
  • Dorian Mercado
    Dorian Mercado Client Coordinator / Ocean Gallery USA
  • Miguel Mercado
    Miguel Mercado CEO / Ocean Gallery USA
  • Rosalba Herrera
    Rosalba Herrera CAD Designer
  • just when I thought I had seen it all, a cube aquarium standing on a corner point balanced on a rectangular marble pedestal? Simply breath taking work done by a true innovators in the custom aquarium industry.

    Cathy Hainer USA Today
  • The creative team of designers and fabricators at Ocean Gallery, along with their tenacity of always striving to create the next best in water features is exactly why we awarded them the 2000 Hispanic business Entrpenual Spirits Award. Congratulations Miguel Angel and staff, well deserved.

    Ernesto Flores Hispanic Business Magazine
  • Simply knowing that Ocean Gallery USA is giving Las Cruces The fish eye and consideration to open a satellite office for us to have, excites me beyond words….its about time someone upped the game in this town…welcome home boys!

    Jim Luksic Las Cruces Sun
  • Un equipo de diseñadores y fabricates que realmente tienen un amor visualisado por sus pasiones de estar creando esculturas de agua mui únicas…que ipresionante.

    Juan Correa El Norte De Mexico
  • Deveras que las creacciones de Ocean Gallery USA se tienen que ver en vivo para creer, un lindo mundo de aqua esculturas crean a vivo los maestros y diseñadores de esta inpresionamte empresa

    Fabian Hernadez El Diario de Mexico
  • Mis respetos a Ocean Gallery, que increíbles cracciones de aqua esculturas architectonicas. Nunca e visto algo tan lindo y único como las crecciones de esta compañía. Felisidades

    Veronica Ruiz El Heraldo De Chihuahua
  • These guys mean serious business. I’ve seen some nice aquariums before, but to see one company creating beautiful custom water features in such a uniquely diversified manner is simply admirable!

    Zacc Martice Landscape Architect Magazine
  • Trying to focus on just one of Ocean Gallery’s aquariums creations while being in their showroom is virtually impossible…there’s too much creativity and uniqueness going on in here all at one time.

    Mark Lamble El Paso Inc.
  • It’s a great pleasure to experience firsthand the visual marvelous work that Ocean Gallery USA creates with such love and affection to their art…. Wow!

    Angie Rodriguez The journal Business Profiler / Editor
  • It’s truly inspiring to see how in unison and fluid the procedures, from start to finish, flow when watching Miguel and his staff work an all the different types of water features for their clients…extremely moving!

    Candace Vasquez The City Magazine
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